Thursday, February 3, 2011

Emma's New Dress

There are lots of things that I look out for when I go thrifting. Vintage colorful dishes to display in my dining room, vintage fabrics and linens for quilts and other fun crafts, new skirts to wear when springtime is here, record albums to dance to with Emma on my old Fisher Price record player, and last but not least, lately I've been getting some dresses for Emma, but not for her to wear. ;) I've been ripping them apart, studying the way they were assembled, and then making my own! The easier more normal way to make clothes is to buy a pattern, I suppose ;) but I find this way to be challenging and fun. I'm limited to what I can find, and I love the hunt for something really good!

Last night I decided Emma needed a new dress. I went fabric shopping in my studio and found this cute cupcake monkey fabric with some coordinating pink polkadot cotton. There's a funny story behind this monkey fabric. I saw the same print but in flannel when I was pregnant but before I knew what we were having. I knew if it was a girl, I wanted to get it to use in a quilt. Right after we found out that our baby was going to be an Emmabelle, I went back to Joanns and couldn't find the fabric. I cried in the flannel aisle. Oh, hormones! An employee rushed to my aide and found a bolt for me :)

you can see it in the upper right corner of this picture :)

Isn't it funny to get sentimental about silly things? I guess it's a mom thing. I'm attached to that monkey fabric in a way that probably nobody else is, haha! So it was perfect for her pretty little dress. It took about 3 hours to make.

Emma likes it because it matches her favorite necklaces. I like it because it makes me happy to make her pretty things. I also like that I have about a yard and a half left of that monkey fabric ;) I'll probably have to cut a tiny piece off and put it in her baby book. <3

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  1. What a pretty blog you have and such an adorable dress! I can't believe it only took you three hours! Very pretty. I love that quilt too, that your daughter is laying on. You should make some for your shop so I could buy one! :)