Tuesday, May 3, 2011

little snapshots

The weight of time has been on my heart lately. I feel challenged by making the most of the 24 hours I have every day. Life is really precious and mine was saved at a high cost, and I want to celebrate it. I've been taking all the little moments in. We've been having Beatles dance parties while I wash the dishes. We've been learning new words while driving in the car. We've been taking the time to snuggle and be still even if there's a lot of work to do. Sometimes I even let myself nap when she naps so I can feel refreshed and ready to go when she's up again. I feel like this journey is beautiful and I'm really inspired by it.

These are just little snapshots from the past couple of weeks. :) I've been super busy because a new idea hit me and I just had to act on it. I'm a crazy woman hoping to finish a dozen skirts and 20 dresses (at the very least!) for my next show May 22nd. I'll be at the Handmade Mart in Silver Spring, Maryland. It's my first out of state show. I'm a little nervous about leaving Emma for the day but I'm looking forward to the road trip with my hubby. We plan on blasting 90s music, holding hands, and enjoying not having to pull over for diaper changes or breaking our arms trying to calm fussy little girls with animal crackers. :)