Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's In My Bag?


Well, not anymore. We're headed to IKEA today to get some furniture to beautify and organize our life ;) and I decided it'd be a good time to clean out my purse and make it a little lighter to lug around my favorite place in the world. I knew it was messy but come on! There were 2 forks, a spoon, a snack cup half full of week old goldfish crackers, countless tissues (we're getting over nasty colds), a dozen receipts, a diaper, baby wipes, 3 tubes of chapstick, 95 cents in change, my husband snuck his hat in there last night... Emma's necklaces, a dirty bib, Tylenol, a change of clothes for Emma, my cell phone and my cell phone holder (separated, of course!)... 3 granola bars, and a little bride figurine doll. What a mess. It's a little cleaner now.

I see people do creative "what's in my bag?" posts all the time, and they're always so neat. No loose change or money, no receipts, no diapers, and their bags are always full of fun trendy things, journals, fancy pens, expensive sunglasses... makes me feel like a purse clutter hoarder! I know I'm not the only one. I posted this picture so that other people like me could feel better. :) Mommys, one day you can carry beautiful bags full of only things you would like to carry, but for right now, I'm really secretly happy carrying around a toddler granola bar and a diaper. Sometimes when I go grocery shopping I leave the diaper in my bag because it reminds me of my girl. and sometimes, don't tell -- I eat her granola bar. ;)

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  1. hahaha, i am laughing because i have seen those clean/minimalistic bag posts too. i dont carry around a bag (i suppose that makes me super weird) but if i did, i know it would have my life in it. and maybe that's why i don't, i have puny arms. your green bag and all its contents make me happy :)