Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Emma's new favorite thing is ducks. She loves to find them, point, and exclaim "gah-guk!" We read lots of duck stores and buy every rubber duck we find, because life is short and you can never have too many rubber ducks in the bath when you're 14 months old! I wanted to make her some little plush ducks to surprise her with in the morning, so I found this sweet little tutorial, and after pulling out some supplies...

... and enlisting my husband to cut out some ducky feet, I spent a couple of hours and made my little girl some new gah-guks.

She has carried them around all day. I couldn't get a better picture. I guess this is a good problem to have :) I love making little surprises for her. A friend said they'd make cute Valentine's Day gifts and she's right... except I just couldn't wait that long! Besides, she'll probably have a new favorite animal by then. We're trying to teach her how to "woof" now :)

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