Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My little girl was sick all day on Friday. Threw up everything. It was her first stomach bug. I think I earned my mom badge for sure. My husband and I worked together flawlessly as a team to wash laundry, stock up on pedialyte, and sneak some small bites of applesauce in Emma. Saturday everything seemed back to normal. I woke up on Sunday at 4 in the morning throwing up every 10 minutes. (thanks for sharing, Emma!) I was sick all day, and it took me all of Monday to recover. I could hardly open my eyes I was so worn out. Tuesday was my birthday and we tried to have a little fun, but Emma woke up with a fever and it got worse throughout the day. At midnight last night her entire body turned cherry red. I was so scared. I couldn't even sleep. I put my laptop in her room and thanks to season one of The Fresh Beat Band she was mildly entertained and I eventually passed out. She slept for most of today and it seems like we may be coming out of this funk. I would trade my birthday cake for snuggles with my little girl anytime, but maybe next year she can be well. We're planning a cookout next Saturday and I'm looking forward to eating some good food with my family, indulging in as many cupcakes as my heart desires and hiding easter eggs for my pretty girl. For right now... I'm trying to keep this house together. I spent hours last night washing all of the bedsheets, blankets, lysoling everything in sight, wiping all of her toys with antibacterial wipes... if you can name it, it's been cleaned. Gives a totally new definition to spring cleaning. Thanks virus, but you can find a new home. You are not welcome here.

Oh, and did I mention I have one of my biggest shows of the season on Sunday? I am three days behind on my work, but I've got enough heart to make up for it. If you're in Richmond, come by and say hello!

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  1. Best Wishes for your show on Sunday!! I wish i could be there!! Why does richmond have to be 4 hrs away... i mean, we are in the same state and all.

    **ps- i got your message and I am sorry i have not wrote back yet, its been crazy around here!! ill write you back tonight after i get this house cleaned up! <3